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Foteviks Riven Gul Lök ECOLOGICA

Foteviks Gratied Yellow Onion Organic
Foteviks Grated Yellow Onion Organic is produced to be the most cost effective organic onion product in the market.
Foteviks Grated Yellow Onion binds 3 times water it owns weight. So therefore there is no weight loses when changing to Foteviks Grated Yellow Onion.

1kg Riven Gul Lök
1kg Foteviks Grated Yellow Onion has the flavor of:
3kg peeled onion Skalad Gul Lök

4kg froozen onion Fryst tärnad gul lök

0,7kg dehydrated onionLökpulver/granulat

Löksigillet 100% Organic onion
Foteviks Grated Onion protects itself with the onions own natural protection through our production method, NPSS.
Användning vitlök Usage
- Ready to use. Can be used directly.
- Gravy. Perfect for gravy and alike.
- Meat batter. Perfect for sausages, meatballs and products alike.
lök i kylen Storage & shelf life
- Keep refrigerated.
- Package can be open and closed again with no impact upon shelf life.
- The cooler, the longer shelf life.
- Shelf life is around 1-2months for organic grated onion when reached to customer.
Kostnad Cost
- Onions are bought in price per kg but are sold as flavor per serving.
- Foteviks ambition is provide the most cost competitive onion ingredients in the market. Easy to use, no waste and competetive price.
Riven Gul Lök Color of Foteviks Grated Yellow Onion
The yellow antioxidants and the pink color of the sulphur compunds will together give Foteviks Grated Yellow Onion its brown/green color.

Sustainability & Enviroment
- Foteviks calculations shows an 30% lower carbon footprint than fresh onion and more than 50% lower than frozen and dehydrated onions.
- Foteviks factory and storages runs on windpower.
- Organic onions.

Lökursprung Onion origin
Foteviks produces the grated yellow onions from Swedish farmers until the storages are empty. After that the onions are imported from Denmark and after that from the Netherlands.