NPSS- Natural Protection System Stresser
NPSS is Foteviks European Patented grating process. The plant cells has all individual and shared protections systems. The onions is harvested in A autumn and then sleeps throughout winter until it is time to grow again. We begin to stress the sleeping onions with heat and force so that it get stressed. This will allow some certain protection systems to activate faster when the onion is grated.

The most important protection system when the onion is damaged is what we humans perceives as the onion taste. This systems purpose is to allow the onion to survive damages in nature. The onions are not sterile and are attacked by the mold, yeast and bacteria from the surrounding environment when grated. They will overwhelm the onions natural protection before it can establish the protection. Since we grate stressed onions this system will activate a little bit faster and will not be overwhelmed. When the protection system is up and running, the environment is not a problem anymore. The packages can be opened and closed with no change in microbiological status.



Inviroment Enviroment & Sustainability
Energy - NPSS consumes very little energy. For the same taste NPSS consumes 90% less energy than freezing and 95% less than dehydration.
Raw material - The onions developes full taste and there is no losse.
Transport - NPSS also let the onion loose excessive water. Yellow onion consists of up to 95% water. By removing some water we transport more onions and less water. Users can add the water that was removed when cooking.


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