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Natural protection
The onion grows during summer and spring. For the rest of the year it is sleeping. To survive the harsh conditions in the earth while sleeping it has developed several advanced protection systems. This systems just do not protect the onion, it also has health benefits for us humans.

Foteviks world unique and European patented stressing technology NPSS uses this natural system to protect our grated onion ingredients so that they stay fresh and secure even though grated.

A plant cell:
Vacoule - This container that is found within the cell contains an enzyme called Alliinase.

ACSO - The sulphur compounds. The onion has 3 main sulphur compounds. The ratio between those will determine color, taste etc.

Onion inner defence
Onion defence between inner and outer systems
This area contains also some of the ACSO-system. But it also contains flavonoids and Quercetin in different forms. The antioxidants hare found here in much higher concentrations. When this areas are exposed they will oxidase and form the peel if the onion needs it.
When the plant cell is damaged the enzyme Alliinase will mix the sulphur compounds. They will quickly react with themselves and their products. Over 50 substances have been identified that is formed within seconds upon rapture of the cell. Amongst these substances we wind the gas that makes us cry and also the onion taste.

Onion outer defence system
The onions outer defence is the peel. This peel consist of, amongs else, an substance called quercetin. Quercetin is a strong antioxidant with known health benefits. The peel also protects against hits, UV-lightning etc. Within the peel the onion has formed its own atmosphere that it likes. The onion breathes through the neck.