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Foteviks Riven Gul Lök & Riven Vitlök

Welcome to Foteviks
Foteviks produces grated onion ingredients for the restaurants and the food industry. Our European patented technology NPSS allows our grated onions to be fresh in taste and characteristics with a shelf life of up to 6 months.

This natural protection is what the onion uses to survive the harsh conditions in nature. Since nature does all the work for us, we can offer one of the markets most cost competitive onion ingredients and this with fresh taste.

Foteviks Standard grated onion
Foteviks cost effective alternatives to frozen and dehydrated onion ingredients.
Foteviks grated onion SENSORY
Foteviks premium grated onions. The taste is sweeter and allows for very high dosages for the customers who want strong fresh onion flavour in their products.
Foteviks grated Organic
Foteviks cost effective organic onion ingredient.